Sex Education in Brazil The national Congress established, in December 1996, the Parâmetros Curriculares Nacionais (National Cur- riculum Parameters) and sex education was to become part of curricular as well as extracurricular activities in all Brazilian schools (Brasil, 1997). Data of this exploratory and descriptive study were obtained though a questionnaire, which was applied to a hundred teachers from the public network school system of the county of Jandira,. During most of 2011, many Brazilian newspapers discussed the tensions related to sex education. In the initial test, it was only possible to analyze the component of external motivation and a good fit, unidimensionality, good reliability and separation for items.97 and.76 respectively were observed. O discurso do sujeito coletivo: um novo enfoque em pesquisa qualitativa F Lefêvre Lefêvre Lefêvre,., Lefêvre,. While some have decided to support one position, others prefer to stand in the middle ground. Let us ponder some of the obstacles for implementing sex education as a crosscutting theme in the assessed schools. Sex education is reduced to one-off, sporadic actions that generally arise as response to the curiosity that pupils manifest, and this poses a risk for childhood and adolescence. Quaresma da Silva 1424 Figure. Gender and Sexual Orientation among Adolescents in Brazil: An Analysis of the Prejudice and Bullying in the Educational Context Antonio Jos? Gonz?lez Jim?nez Vinicius Jobim Fischer Brazil has and adolescent population of over 34 million and face numerous challenges.

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    As understood by members of the teaching staff that subscribe to this view, sex education should not be a part of class planning; instead it should be a subject matter that comes up spontaneously and eventually. But their questions cant go un- answered, no matter what their age or grade. Thus, this consists of a biomedical discourse, from which the issues of social construction of sexuality, sexual diversity and respect for the differences are missing or practically disregarded, which contradicts the all-embracing approach favoured by the National Cur- ricular Parameters (Altmann, 2009). The assumptions about what it means to give sex education a crosscutting approach, the dread of talking about sexuality and the poor prepa- ration of teachers are aspects that hinder the progress in the area. This control over the body, gender and sexuality of pupils has a long history and has been exerted with argu- ments about moral, hygiene, health, epidemics, masturbation, contraception, paraphilia, teenage pregnancies,. Quaresma da Silva 1419 thousand live births and the proportion of newborns from teenage mothers accounted for 17 of all the births (Programa das Naçes Unidas para o Desenvolvimento, 2009). It was also found that approximately.7 of teenage mothers drop out of school and that an average of 23 infants born to teenage mothers die per day, before they complete their first year of life (Unicef, 2011; Zurutuza, 2011).

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    155 teachers of 12 public schools from the municipalities of Piedecuesta and El Socorro from the department of Santander, Colombia participated. Nevertheless, when the teaching staff were asked how is sex education tackled in schools? Após presso de religiosos, Dilma suspende produço de kit anti-homofobia. To that respect, Altman points out: There seems to be a contradiction within the work carried out in the school. In the second test the three components (internal, external and discouragement) showed Rasch fit in terms of unidimensionality, reliability of items.80,.97 and.89 and separation.01,.78 and.83 respectively. Education Policy Analysis Archives,. We could observe in Figure 1 that most of them interpreted crosscutting as meaning spontaneous, temporary and unplanned. This situation was very similar in 2007, when we interviewed teenage mothers and arrived at a shocking result: topics like sexuality, pregnancy and birth control were generally not talked about in the families of the teenage mothers (Quaresma, 2007).

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    Sex Education as a Crosscutting Theme As previously stated, the Brazilian Ministry of Education and Culture proposes that sex education be approached as a crosscutting theme linked to the objectives, contents and activities of each schooling grade. It is important to underscore the fact that this view of sex education does not exclude the need to work with health and prevention, on the con- trary; however, it questions health-promotion programs, policies and actions that exclude the non-heterosexual. Descriptors: Sexual behavior; Sex education; Adolescent. Género y sexualidad: Qué dicen las profesoras de Edu- cación Infantil de Canoas, Brasil? This all-embracing perspective in sex education is currently labelled as politically correct. The Discourse of the Collective Subject method was applied to analyse the interviews. Orientaço sexual na escola: a concepço dos professores de Jandira - SP School has an important role in sexual orientation during adolescence. Nevertheless, it can be seen that there are contradictions in the collective discourse of core idea A (Both For everyone. Gênero, sexualidade e relaçes étnico-raciais: limites e desafios de um curso a distância.