Stress: putt?na, hyphenation: puttana, noun edit puttana f ( plural puttane ) ( derogatory, vulgar slang ) whore, slut, hooker, harlot, tart (British) 1321, Dante Alighieri, La divina commedia: Inferno The Divine Comedy: Hell (paperback 12th edition, Le Monnier, published. Tart 1 adjective tart 2 noun. A group of tracksuited, pimply London "youths". One night in 2008, I was on the radio discussing a lecture given by a prominent woman scientist earlier that day. A female producer told me that when she recommended the excellent Quilts exhibition at the V A to her boyfriend and father, they both jeered: "My boyfriend said, 'Were most of the people there women? The misogynists' approach to women can be summed up thus: sneer, leer, exploit, ignore. Jump to navigation, jump to search, contents.

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    Why don't these women want to be named? One of them mentions a schoolmate and another replies: "Yeah, but she's a slag though isn't she?" All nod sagely. A photographer at a liberal publication discovered she and her female colleagues were paid less than their male counterparts. Misogyny is such a strong substance that women have absorbed and internalised. Last month I graced the overground line's replacement bus service to Gospel Oak, north London. Hags, dogs, whores, bitches. A radio producer recounted holiday tales of how he met "some tart from Thomas Cook". If I were called a slag as I was last summer by a man on a bicycle, in Stepney nobody would consider it report-worthy. Slang), fix up (informal), modernize, smarten up, give something a facelift (informal) They prefer to tart up their stations than improve their services. Sign up now, log.

    sow baldracca (slang used in Northern Italy mignotta (slang used in Rome). English, translation of puttana. The official Collins Italian-English, dictionary online. Over 100000 English translations of Italian words and phrases. Need to translate puttana from Italian? What does puttana mean in Italian? Tarted - definition of tarted by The Free Dictionary Here are 10 possible meanings. Another word for, Opposite of, Meaning of, Rhymes with. Tarted synonyms, tarted pronunciation, tarted translation, English dictionary definition of tarted. Having a sharp pungent taste;.

    Here's UK star Tinie Tempah's new hit, Frisky: "I'm on a mission, don't even want to kiss her, honey I won't miss her when I'm done with her." Well done, young man, well done. An acclaimed novelist told me that when she and a male author turned up to review books for a radio show, she was assumed to be his PR by three different people before they even got inside. A vulgar promiscuous woman who flouts propriety: baggage, hussy, jade, slattern, slut, tramp, wanton, wench, whore. Pronunciation edit, iPA ( key puttänä. An agent pal tells me he had to chase a publisher because "some bloody middle-aged woman didn't read the manuscript". Cutting, biting, sharp, short, wounding, nasty, harsh, scathing, acrimonious, puttana meaning of word free chate barbed, hurtful, caustic, astringent, vitriolic, trenchant, testy, mordant, snappish, mordacious The words were more tart than she had intended. Four sleek, Middle Eastern guys, the type who look like sophisticated, multilingual diplomats' kids. Bitching about women, slagging off women even the language used to describe such slander comes from misogyny. Thais the harlot is it, who replied unto her paramour, when he said, 'Have I great gratitude from thee?'-'Nay, marvellous' ( derogatory, offensive ) bitch trollop, strumpet, whore, streetwalker Synonyms edit vacca (literally cow) scrofa (literally sow) cagna (literally bitch). Italian edit, etymology edit, from, old French putain, from, latin puta (girl). If I were called a Paki in the street, I would have some hope of it being taken seriously. Another man liked a book: "And I was dubious, you know, because it's a woman author." An urbane friend spotted a chic girlfriend of mine at a party: "Who's that whore over there?".